Indonesia Emergency:
Lack of Programmers by 2030.
Let's Fight!

Redefine the Place to Grow

Neuversity has always dreamed as a place where the young talents sparks their potential and become future engineers. Dedication with updated course material and collaborative action will always be good formulas.

Our Vision

We are established to become a school of software engineering that excels the students towards the technology industry demand. We are looking to  create value, growth and empower our students to contribute. Our students nowadays have been trusted as partners in several collaboration projects with several companies.

Our Mission

Neuversity, originated from the word ‘Maneuver’. We always will providing the high quality affordable program for our students to be future Software engineers and Developers. Our heads are full of dreams and willing to take our actions, to fulfill future challenge by the power of creativity, innovative, and collaborative action in building a holistic work culture toward the demanded skills ahead.

The Developer School that Focuses on Growth, for You and Your Career Path.

Most of the similar courses program that you found like us, may consider the profit rather than growth. Once you jump in, we are on your side to shape your future dreams as developer.

Fast-Pace Study

Our non-degree program designed to accelerate your journey to your career. If you are absolute beginner, you only need 1 year to complete the course with full of project portfolios and experiences, and just 3 months if you have an hands on experience before.

Growth-Oriented Tuition Model

We are committed to lowering and often completely eliminating tuition costs for our students. Also we make sure the tuition fee is reachable for those who pay their own education allocation independently.

Indonesia Emergency: Lack of Programmers by 2030. Let's Fight!

If you are thinking about your future career, it was so great, because you don’t really need to struggle so bad to get the job position as Developer and Programmer. Sadly, our nation actually need you for most. If Indonesia able to embrace this opportunity, Indonesia has the potential to realize economic growth of USD 150 billion or around 10% of GDP in 2025.